Mission: transforming the education system to provide children with the skills and knowledge to reach their full potential.

TRECC is a bold initiative designed to improve the quality of education in Ivory Coast through innovative approaches.

Our process:

We are building an ecosystem of stakeholders that converge around the common goal of enhancing the quality of education. Our activities strengthen the links among public policy, corporate strategies, civil society aspirations, scientific evidence and private sector innovations.

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Reinforcing policy by providing scientific evidence & research insights

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Partnerships with the cocoa and chocolate industry

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Joining forces with NGOs & social enterprises to develop effective educational models

Child in Kaja test

Neuroscience in rural areas: Gathering evidence to meet literacy challenges

Plenty of research has looked at how children learn, but most studies have focused on children who...

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How can the industry contribute?

Global actors like cocoa and chocolate companies have the potential to change the lives of millions of...

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Education: a tool for a fulfilling life

Sanata didn’t have the chance to receive quality schooling as a child. Years ago, she migrated to...

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