Technical skills, combined with life skills, are key resources for promoting the healthy development of young people. Vocational training enables youth to acquire relevant income-generating skills, helping them escape poverty.


Despite some progress, so far the challenges far outweigh the results. The lack of vocational and entrepreneurship training opportunities, particularly those tailored to the needs of the rural labour market, and the dominant role of private providers, whose programs are unaffordable for most young people, complicate efforts to provide relevant training to those who need it.

Government efforts

The Government of Côte d'Ivoire is beginning to focus its attention on the large number of out-of-school and working-age youth in an effort to close the skills gap and enable young people to obtain decent employment or create their own jobs.

Our contribution

TRECC and its partners support the government in its efforts to equip young people in rural cocoa growing areas with the skills necessary for their successful integration into the workforce. To that end, we offer our expertise, fund pilot projects and support the extension of successful initiatives in in the areas of agricultural entrepreneurship, financial education and life skills.