How to put out-of-school children on the right track

12% of primary school-aged children in Ivory Coast are not in school. This issue is especially prevalent in cocoa-growing regions due to child labor. Girls, children in rural areas, and the poor population are the groups most affected by this issue.

When out-of-school children return to formal school, they struggle to adapt. The lack of familiarity and knowledge makes it difficult for these children to keep up with classes, and often teachers cannot give them the attention they need to get back up to speed.

Together with Nestlé and ICI, we have created special classes in cocoa-growing regions where out-of-school children can participate in an accelerated literacy and math program. This allows them to learn the necessary skills before returning to formal school, so they can get the most out of their educational experience.

Hervé Kouakou Kouakou, a teacher at a school in Broukouassikro settlement, near Gagnoa, explains why this model can help out-of-school children succeed.