Why young children require good nutrition and stimulation

November 30, 2018
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Positive parenting can make communities thrive

November 28, 2018

Research shows that early childhood experiences have a very strong impact on children’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Positive parenting and nurturing care are…

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Ivory Coast launches the Multisectoral Project on Nutrition and Early Childhood Development

November 21, 2018

The Ivorian Multisectoral Project on Nutrition and Early Childhood Development was launched in November 2018 with the support of The Power of Nutrition, the World…

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Cocoa company Touton joins TRECC to boost early childhood development in Ivory Coast

November 19, 2018

Touton will work in partnership with TRECC to improve the development and well-being of young children in cocoa-growing communities in Ivory Coast. With this new…

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Hands-on and playful learning: this is Zambia’s education revolution

October 30, 2018

For those of us working to improve quality of education, few things are more inspiring than watching children truly enjoy their time in a classroom…

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We need a new education system

October 9, 2018

In sub-Saharan Africa, 88% of school-age children do not achieve minimum proficiency levels in reading. Despite improved access to schools, children who make the effort…

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TRECC sponsors State of Education in Africa Conference

October 9, 2018

TRECC is sponsoring the State of Education in Africa Conference 2018 taking place in Abidjan on 9-10 October. This platform promotes innovation and solution-driven conversations…

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New study provides evidence on cocoa communities and households

September 20, 2018

Dutch organization KIT Royal Tropical Institute is publishing a major study supported by TRECC aiming to contribute to the cocoa sector’s body of knowledge. The…

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TRECC supports a study for effective public resource allocation for education in Ivory Coast

August 9, 2018
Teacher in lab coat teaching what might be a science or biology class

As part of its strategy to strengthen education access, fairness, and quality, the Ivorian government has committed to strengthening the effectiveness of funding mechanisms at…

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How to make education investments as effective as possible

August 6, 2018
Group of schoolchildren standing together for a photo

TRECC is partnering with Millennium Institute and the Ivorian government to develop a tool analyzing education and ECD-related policies. The project will provide an overview…

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