New study provides evidence on cocoa communities and households

Dutch organization KIT Royal Tropical Institute is publishing a major study supported by TRECC aiming to contribute to the cocoa sector’s body of knowledge. The data for the study was obtained through families in cocoa-growing regions in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

The research, entitled ‘Demystifying the cocoa sector in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire’ covers issues such as household demographics, food security and nutrition, crop choices and crop diversification. Specific to cocoa, the study investigates why households grow cocoa, and analyses the major aspects of cocoa production and marketing. Household wealth, income and poverty is also assessed, and further disaggregated in a cluster analysis. The study also looks at intra-household dynamics which are brought together in a gender chapter.

Chapters will be released weekly on KIT’s website from the end of August 2018 onward.

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