Facts & Figures


Kenya, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire


Students and teachers in rural areas and marginalized communities


Make 50 million rural African learners smarter


Mobile network operators


SMS/USSD channel over 1G/2G phones


  • Improving the infrastructure for personalized learning
  • Dedicated teacher platform to improve teaching quality
  • Launching web and Android applications for richer content
  • Expand content for all countries of operations to cover the full curriculum
  • Create revenue stream for teachers using the platform
  • Achieve an active subscriber base of 1M learners by 2023


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About the project

Eneza Education provides universal access to affordable and quality educational content through ubiquitous mobile technology. Eneza products are tailor-made to improve learning outcomes of students, 70% of whom live in rural areas.


In Côte d’Ivoire, children in primary schools have low attainment levels in literacy and numeracy. Moreover, there are significant gaps between urban and rural students, to the detriment of the latter. Lack of access to school materials—57.3% of primary school students do not have a reading book, while 59.7% do not have a mathematics book—usually results in the students not being able to study at home and follow up in the classroom. In turn, this leads to poor performance. Furthermore, students receive limited educational support—especially from parents, just over half of whom are literate and who do not have the appropriate learning and revision tools.


Eneza has developed a technology platform that allows primary and secondary students, their parents, and teachers to access local, relevant, and affordable academic courses and study tools. It runs on any mobile device—including smartphones, tablets, and laptops—through USSD and SMS. Learners access the Eneza platform through mobile web, desktop, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. With Eneza, students have the ability to supplement their classroom studies at home by taking lessons and assessments with individualized feedback on correct and incorrect answers. They can also access additional sources of educational content and tutoring and ask teachers questions in real time.

Eneza Education aims to tackle school dropouts, high textbook costs, and lack of quality feedback to learners. The service provided results not only in cost savings for families, but also in improved learning outcomes for primary and secondary school students. Teachers can also use Eneza to improve classroom management as well as the quality of their teaching via available courses and tailored support to make data-driven decisions.

Results to date

As of December 2019, students had exchanged 400M messages, answered 14M quiz questions, and asked teachers 350K questions. According to an internal study, Eneza’s learners score 22.7% higher on tests than their peers on average, with about 97% of users mentioning improved test scores. Eneza has over 4.9 million registered users and an active subscriber base of 600K across Africa. The most recent data shows a customer base of 308,406 people in Côte d’Ivoire since its inception in 2018. This number includes everyone who has interacted with the platform one or more times.

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