Areas of work


Areas of work

Partnership with the cocoa and the chocolate industry

We partner with the leading cocoa and chocolate companies in the industry and with the Ivorian Ministry of Education to implement impactful educational initiatives at the intersection of business sustainability and community development. The parties jointly pilot and evaluate educational models in cocoa-growing communities with the aim of scaling up effective approaches via public policy and corporate strategies.

Making use of innovative financial mechanisms such as payments by results and pilot-to-scale agreements, we focus on results rather than on activities.


Some examples of our initiatives include:

  • Parenting skills training for caregivers of children 0-5 years old
  • Improved pedagogy in primary schools and reintegration of out-of-school children
  • Technical and life skills training for youth
  • Complementary programs addressing women empowerment income-generating activities and saving strategies
Policy strengethening team

Policy strengthening

We have entered into a formal partnership with the government of Ivory Coast to advance strategic education policy priorities, provide scientific insights to support educational policies, and enhance the authorities’ enforcement capabilities.

Ongoing dialogue with technical teams from the relevant national ministries allows the parties to prioritize thematic and geographic areas of intervention, evaluate the relevance of innovative models for policy, and align the agendas of local and international stakeholders.

Some examples of our initiatives include:

  • Including quality education indicators in the Government’s 10-year Education Sector Plan (2016-2025)
  • Including a parenting and child development component in the Government’s Nutrition and Child Development Plan (2018-2022)
  • Co-funding actions and monitoring and evaluation activities included in the abovementioned plans


We partner with top scientific and academic institutions to broaden the child and youth development research agenda and the education-related evidence base in Ivory Coast. Conducting rigorous impact evaluations, we work with decision makers to strengthen public policy and corporate practices by providing evidence and research insights.


Impact finance

We support education-related enterprises and market-based solutions seeking to improve education in low- resource environments, whether they are already present in Ivory Coast or willing to expand to that country. TRECC provides investors with capital, scientific information, and business expertise. It also facilitates dialogue among investees, local government, and the education business community.

TRECC uses impact finance instruments to achieve long-lasting, sustainable impacts, build evidence for new education models, and promote social entrepreneurship. Our impact finance portfolio includes two established education companies, one venture builder, and two education funds.

Capacity building

We offer management expertise and scientific evidence for stakeholders in order to enhance their organizational capabilities and ensure the sound design of their educational programs.

A local Community of Practice provides professionals from civil society, business, and government with a platform to exchange experiences, align agendas, and acquire knowledge concerning early childhood development.

Two children holding chalkboards


We are working to create an alliance of funders determined to transform education in Ivory Coast. We are committed to supporting other foundations and investors in the efficient deployment of capital, follow-up analyses, and close monitoring and reporting. Furthermore, we seek to achieve an impact beyond the scope of the program by engaging stakeholders that are able to use the evidence, lessons learned and best practices gained from TRECC to inform international policies and practices.

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