Our mission:

TRECC strives to improve the living conditions of all children and youth in Ivory Coast through high-quality education. Our goal is to enable children and youth to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, respond to local and global challenges, pursue the activities they value, and reach their full potential.

We do this by supporting the development and scale up of high-quality education initiatives in three thematic areas:

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Quality parenting and early childhood development programs

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Effective approaches to enhancing literacy and numeracy skills

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Relevant technical & vocational education & training opportunities for rural youth

Our approach

TRECC firmly believes in the power of public-private partnerships to transform education. Our activities strengthen the links among public policy, corporate strategies, civil society aspirations, and scientific evidence.

TRECC nurtures and fosters an ecosystem of stakeholders that converge around the common goal of enhancing the quality of education in Ivory Coast.

We work to strengthen the education system with a particular focus on creating sustainable change. By proposing our multi-stakeholder approach in combination with effective and affordable solutions that meet our stakeholders’ goals, we are seeking to ensure that Ivorians have access to quality education after the program has come to an end.

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